We are constantly evaluating ideas to help you achieve 'the edge' in market. Be it revenue increase or cost saving, our team of consultants look for inspirations which can help you achieve your goal.

Our consultants are leading individuals from business and services who conduct market studies, surveys and research to stay on top of trends, favorites, Do's and Dont's. We ensure quality consultancy services and guaranteed output to improve your projects. Our commitment to quality services and products help us to maintain a strict follow-up on technology trends and global market changes, which we incorporate in our products to reflect state-of-the-art innovation available for all the customer to achieve their satisfaction level.


Off the flowcharts and white boards, our teams of experts take the requirements and transform them into solutions. Be it SMS, Web, SIM, IVR or a custom applications, our products are to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our developers are gifted individuals with Java, Asterisks, OpenCode and Web tools. We develop new products as well customizations for interested clients. Once a product/customization is ready, it undergoes extensive testing for features and regression before it is made available for our clients. With the concept of continuous evolution, we keep reviewing the products to bring in more changes according to the market trends and technology upgrades. This keeps our products valuable in all times with innovation.


Off the shelf and customized products are supported as per the agreement with our clients; from Bronze (on-demand) to Platinum (24x7).

The expertise of our technical team diversity to multiple vendors SUN, FSC, IBM, Compaq and HP; these vendors are also supported via 3rd Party contracts. We ensure that our line of experts remain most updated about the latest line of technology, be it application, programming or hardware resources.