our projects


  • Conference Bridge
    Plan a meeting, maintain history, n-way calling, administration, security, web-interfaces and much more. All in a single product to not only to help your internal costsand processes but also to offer to other clients for a pre/post paid charge!
  • SMS Broadcast Gateway
    If you are a marketer looking to promote your brand or a service provider looking to catch the attention of masses, our SMS Broadcast Gateway is the solution you're looking for.
    The full featured solutions comes equipped with web interface, signup manager, campaign designer, contact/group listing, automatic campaign execution, pre/post charging and comprehensive reporting tools
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
    MLM works as a revolutionary concept to increase your sales by making your customers part of your campaigns. Every one of your members becomes your brand ambassador and shares the revenues with you.
    Our MLM product called MGM (Member Get Member) provides the dynamic solution to the operator to design any type of campaign themselves while passing the incentives to the last mile. Let the joys be shared with all!
  • SMS Mart
    Choose from a variety of SMS features to add to your portfolio. The SMS Mart products can also be customized to for flexible charging (Online or Prepaid)
    • Group Messaging
      Want to share texts with friends/family and be swift about it? Send one SMS and we will deliver it to as many people as you want; just tell us who by creating groups on our server by web/sms.
    • SMS Urdu:
      Send message in your native language, to address even the most remote segment of people.
    • ESSE (Email to SMS, SMS to Email)
      Convenient and speedy! No server logins, no data connections, no application, no downlink bandwidth issues. Choose WHO is important and we forward his emails to you on SMS. If you feel an SMS is not formal enough, we can send it as an email for you too!
    • SMS Store:
      Store a copy of all your messages online. Easy to retrieve via handset or see via web. Lost an old message? Search your sms-store to find the best match. Now you don't need to worry about information being lost.
  • iCharge
    With iCharge we give you the capability of charging from any interface and to any platform. Be it over XML, SOAP, HTML, SMPP or DIAMETER, iCharge can interface to process your charge request online!

    To help analyze your traffic statistics and utilization trends, iCharge comes equipped with comprehensive reporting tools.
  • IVR +
    To promote your services and help you save costs, we have developed a solution which offers great flexibility & features along side swift administration.

    With IVR+ you can reduce the load on your call centers and launch your promotions as fast as as a click!
  • Mobo-D
    Seamless & reliable services for complete backup for your Mobile Data; with regular updates as often as you want them

Corporate Solutions

  • Corporate SMS
    Looking to have instant flow of information/memos in your organization, while targeting selected individual? Look no further. Our corporate SMS solution comes fully equipped to fulfill your requirements and more; it comes with a complete web interface and excellent reporting tools
  • Corporate Look-up
    Whether you're a victim of exchange-server address book problems or have problems searching for contact details while not at your desk, we have a solution to help! Just send an SMS with the name you're looking for and we'll send you all the details you're looking for

On Demand

  • Customizer Series
    Our development team can tailor any product or service for you according to your requirement. You tell us what you want and we will deliver!
    Customizer-1 is a product which helps subscribers choose their tariff Plan via IVR and sends real-time confirmation on SMS. The application comes complete with a provisioning, charging and reporting services at the backend
  • Serv-U: Plan, Optimize, Audit & Support
    At Aeon we have a team of richly experienced individuals for PrePaid (IN) and VAS. Between them they share experience of high revenue and high penetration markets of middle-east and Asia; working with 8 vendors and 5 operators in 4 countries.
    So next time when you're looking to plan, optimize and audit your network, or searching for business partners to extend support services, do get in touch!